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Dianette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | May 28, 2008 11:13 PM

I had been taking Dianette for 4years with a 3month break when i took Mycrogenon (sp?). I was given Dianette originally because i had terrible acne and topical creams had stopped working.
After about 4months i noticed a dramatic improvement with my skin.It was alot less oily and i had alot less acne forming.After a year my skin was completely clear, even during my period spots were minimal.
After 4years iv been adviced to come off Dianette due to the risk of clotting.I have had no sign of any side effects.Weigh gain was a huge issue but that has not happened as far as i am aware.I did (and so did many others) notice my boobs grew by at least 2 cups sizes, sometimes 3 around the time of a period.
Occassionally, id forget to take a pill or two, this resulted in my period being a couple of days later which can be terrifying if you're relying on it for contraception.But it never failed me.
Overall id recommend Dianette if there are no known risks in family history.

Pros: Acne cleared, dramatic change within 3months, completely clear within a year. Boobs grew at least 2 cup sizes, occassionally 3. Contraception worked fine when taken correctly.

cons: Apparently theres a risk of blood clotting so i couldnt stay on it as long as i would have liked. Can be frustrating as there are no instant fixes for acne but if continued it clears skin really well.

conclusion: Overall id recommend Dianette if there are no known risks in family history. Just disappointed i couldnt stay on it for longer.

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