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Dianette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jul 14, 2008 11:56 AM

been on dianette since i was about 13 - just come off it and results are NOT good!

ive suffered from severe acne since i was about 13 and was put on dianette plus other topical treatments and antibiotics. nothing worked so i eventually was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed me roaccutance, a horrid horrid drug but it DOES work, and my skin cleared up. i then wanted to lose some of the weight id put on with dianette so i came off it, and my acne returned worse that ever at around age 18. i had to go on a second course of roaccutane which again worked, and my skin has been clear for about 3 years (im now 21).

however im due for an operation in a couple of months and was advised to come off dianette as my blood pressure was slightly on the high side. i came off it about 3 months ago and my skin is really bad. its so depressing and ruins your self confidence. im going to go back on dianette as soon as i can as i dont like the sound of yasmin and i know dianette works.

theres nothing worse than having sore, horrid skin that you are ashamed of and having to cover it up with layers of make up.

Pros: - kept my skin clear and oil free, such a big thing in my life because ive been through hell with it - regular, light periods with very mild PMT - free on NHS! - hair also in great condition

cons: - slight weight gain - slight increase in breast size (i dont want them bigger!) - blood pressure needs to be monitored - contraception works if taken properly - slight loss of sex drive but nothing too bad

conclusion: i want to go back on this pill asap. i didnt realise how good it was until i came off it. i would do anything to avoid having bad skin again and i can live with the VERY MILD side effects. obviously everyone reacts to drugs differently but i would recommend it if you suffer from acne.

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