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Different ways to Protect your Laptop when Travelling

By: Andrew Wilson | Oct 21, 2011 08:17 AM

The ease, flexibility and convenience have made laptops a better alternative for travellers and business people. Carry all your important work and data wherever you go with the laptop. Since, a laptop is carried by almost every traveller; the device has become a target for thieves. If you are not careful or conscious about your laptops, then you are at a risk of losing your laptops. A laptop contains important professional and personal data and therefore you should always back-up the contents when you set out on a journey. The files can be saved to an external drive or to web-based service. There are PC security products that offer back-up software for customers. When a laptop is lost, misplaced or stolen, people are most bothered about the contents stored in the device. By backing-up the files, you can access the data stored in the laptop. You should keep in mind the following steps to ensure security of the laptop and its contents. Set a Password By setting-up a password for your laptop you are making it difficult for thieves to access the contents, although not impossible. A laptop without a password is much easier to access that a laptop with a password. Adopt advanced security measures like Windows password and prevent hackers from accessing the financial or personal data quickly. You can set a password that is hard to guess and by using combination of upper and lower cases you can set a strong password lock. Use a minimum of 8 characters to set the password. Update firewalls and laptop security constantly Since most of the places are connected with wireless internet, customers tend to use their laptops for internet use in public places. Sometimes, these Wi-Fi hotspots are set-up by criminals to access laptop details. Update firewalls and laptop security constantly to prevent unauthorised access of your laptop. Refrain from using Wi-Fi or any network in unfamiliar places to prevent such attacks. You should try not to use laptop in public places, where your laptop is easily noticed by thieves. A restaurant or a quiet park is perfect place for accessing laptops. Secure your laptop in a laptop bag Purchase a backpack laptop bag so that your laptop stays always with you. Traditional laptop bag gets lost or stolen easily as you forget to carry it when you are busy doing too many things at the same time. When you are carrying laptop in your backpack you can be assured that it is always with you. With proper compartments and zips you can secure your laptop. If you are using a traditional laptop always put the straps somewhere around your body so that you will be alerted when someone is taking your bag. Keep your laptops always with you and be aware of things happening around.




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