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DIY Laptop for Computer-Savvy Kids

By: Andrew Wilson | Sep 27, 2011 10:46 AM

The simplest way to protect your good computer and to make your computer-savvy youngster happy is to set up a computer just for his or her use. They can play the numerous computer games for as long as they want, without messing up your system. Children will love the feel of carrying a laptop around. You can make an old laptop work without a hard drive. Hard drives usually crash fast if a child tots it around. A computer with a floppy disk drive has only few options, your child can locate installed games fast. Laptops with easy to use interface will work for your purpose. Kolibri OS will be a good choice. A computer with 32 megabytes of memory and a floppy disk drive will be apt to use Kolibri OS. A boot disk to load from floppy disk will be needed. Internet can help you to find and create one. If you are unable to boot your floppy drive from floppy disk, you will have to alter the sequence of boot in BIOS. Though a computer generally boots from hard drive, it can boot from CD-ROM or disk as well. Turn on the computer and you will know which button to use to enter setup. Usually the keys F1 or F2 are used. The floppy drive is known as A: drive, it should be your first option in boot sequence. Run a test by inserting a disk to see if the computer boots and loads programs and games to memory. Dell Latitude CPi's, Panasonic Toughbooks, IBM Thinkpads etc, works well with this operating system. Customize your laptop with your childís favourite wall paper. A wired PS/2 mouse will be loved by your kid, if he has problem using the laptop touch mouse pad. Computer with a single CD-ROM should be booted from a CD, known as LiveCD. Internet has a collection of LiveCDís for your choice. DSL and Puppy Linux also are popular LiveCDís. Usually booting calls for more memory from a CD. DSL and Puppy need only 64 megabytes. However, more is better. Setting up a computer for your child is the best way to recycle old computers.




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