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DKNY Women

By: Rex Inego | Apr 16, 2009 10:33 AM

Capturing the scent, soul and spirit of New York, DKNY Women has opening notes energised with sparkling mixture of Blood oranges, Mandarin, Chilled Vodka and fine ripe Tomato leaf followed by an intoxicating accord of modern floral like yellow water lilies, green coral orchids and daffodils while the base notes are of sensual, soft and feminine white birch and tulip tree bark!

This fresh and fruity scent goes a long way and the bottle with eye-catching design gets a crystal look when sun rays pass through it, exceptionally charming on a dressing table! Perfect for day time usage or for special occasions, the citrus smell of it lasts longer and is immensely refreshing. It is available in bottles of 30 and 50 ml.

Pros: The unique smelling fragrance, it has a lasting impression and a little is enough to heighten the senses! Quite reasonably priced, it is a recommendable one. The bottle made out of frosted glass with a white tint to it, the light coloured liquid perfume is clearly visible.

cons: It can be overpowering if used in excess. It smells sweet when first sprayed, but later on, a very strong citrus smell arises and it remains on the skin throughout the day.

conclusion: Highly sophisticated smell that can last longer as a little is all it needs to create the refreshed feel! It can easily last the whole day leaving a light citrus scent as hours pass by.

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