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Doom 3 (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Aug 16, 2004 05:10 PM

*** This review is my first impression of the game so far, after about 5 hours of playing it, so my opinions may well change later on ***

Doom 3 is the long awaited sequel to the hugely popular Doom and Doom 2 and was definately worth the wait as they ironed out any bugs, and strived to make this superb peice of gaming excellence!

The game runs very smoothly on my Spec PC, which is as follows:

Petium 4 - 2.53Mhz
Graphics: 256mb Radeon 9800 3D Prophet XT (AGPx8)
Sound: Creative Audigy
Ram: 1.5 GB DDR 333

Pros: Outrageously good graphics - mostly the graphics are good due to the dynamic lighting, which is wild! For example, you can be in a dark room with all this high-tech machinary flashing about, and the flashing components will light the room with an array of colours - in real time! Many special effects in the game, such as heat waves - bascially the game is the most graphically intense i've ever seen, it just about beats FarCry in the graphics department. Highly detailed levels, and the character models are textured so well they look more detailed than they actually are. Awesome multiplayer levels and playability - though i'm still yet to play multiplayer properly online. So far the storyline is holding out quite well. Level design is good and you always know roughly where you need to be heading. A great PDA feature which adds to the games playability, but I won't spoil it for you here.

cons: At first, the monsters seem all the same and gameplay becomes repetative. So far in the game, ever room is WAY too dark to see everything in it without using the flashlight. You cannot have the flashlight out when using a weapon, so this becomes tedious, always switching between flashlight and weapons when you see a monster. This has been helped by a flashlight toggle control, whereby clicking the assigned button toggles between the flashlight and the last used weapon. Not as ''terrifying'' as the game is made out to be, but as i say, im in the early stages of the game. You need an absolute beat of a computer to run the game, which thankfully I have, and it runs very smoothly.

conclusion: Definately pick this game up if you can find somewhere that hasn't sold out completely, but only if you have a good computer - if not, you'll be struggling to keep a good framerate. This is one of the finest 1st Person Shooters i've played in a long long time, and is easily as fun as Far Cry, and the multiplayer facility is much better!

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