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Doom 3 (PC)

By: Rex Inego | Aug 21, 2004 09:40 PM

This is the long awaited follow up to the doom series. Doom was one of the first FPS's and has stuck with this format for years. Doom 3 is no exception.

Pros: The graphics this game has are incredible. I dont know if there is a machine around that could possibly run this on full visuals and get away with it. Also this game is scary. The first couple of levels are really intense and dolby 5.1 surround also adds to the thrill. The game is very dark and creepy so you are armed with a flashlight. When you hold this you cannot weild another weapon. This makes it even more scary due to the fact that you are wondering around these places unarmed. Character animation is brilliant and gameplay matches it. There are a good range of weapons and some really cool features like being able to pick up dead peoples emails, voice logs and videos on you PDA. This is a feature that helps you along the game by revealing access codes to hidden lockers and supplies etc.

cons: It is a shame that the spec required to run this game is so high but if your computer can handle it then its a joy. Also i feel that the game doesnt have faith in your pc spec. I have a ATI Radeon 128MB 9800 Pro and a P4 3.2 MHz processor and the game constantly tries to put me down to really naff resolutions and game detail levels despite me telling it multiple times the setup that i want.

conclusion: An incredible game that wont be beaten until half life 2 comes out. It has a great physics model and is much scarier than AvP2. A shame about the demands on your spec but it can be justified when you see the graphics.

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