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Dove Daily Care Conditioner 200ml

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 23, 2011 08:14 AM

Dove Daily Care Conditioner 200ml is specially formulated to give your hair the natural care and protection. After shampooing use this conditioner to get gorgeous shine and shimmer. The unique Micro Moisture Serum, a damage care and repair technology makes this conditioner perfect choice for woman with damaged hair. The serum makes a shield around your hair offering better protection. 

This 200ml conditioner has essential ingredients that take care of your damaged hair. Every hair strand is guarded against everyday chemical and pollution. It works from root to tip, conditioning and nourishing. It effectively maintains the natural balance of your hair and restores the natural shine. 

Pros: For getting 100% soft and radiant hair, use the dove conditioner regularly after shampooing. The lightweight formula offers fly-away hair in just minutes. It restores the damages and protects from everyday wear and tear. This Daily Care Conditioner from Dove works after the very first application and offer gorgeous shine. Hair is not weighed down, with this conditioner.

cons: None

conclusion: Get visibly healthy and stunning hair with the advanced dove conditioner. When used with Dove daily care shampoo, you get best results. This conditioner has won admiration for its advanced formula and effects. Massage the conditioner all through your hair and get a radiant shine.

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