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Draper WDV1400 Vacuum Cleaner

By: Andrew Wilson | May 06, 2011 05:04 AM

Larger spaces interiors with carpeted flooring and well upholstered furniture are a delight to view! However these areas can easily turn out to be the breeding spaces of minute allergens, bacteria, dust and pollen and can induce allergies. The Draper WDV1400 Vacuum Cleaner driven by a powerful double fan motor is the professional quality design that helps clean the areas in limited time. This vacuum cleaner has high suction power of 60 l / sec while the maximum vacuum pressure is 25 KPa or 250 mbar. Compact and powerful this design weighing 15 kg has height of 600 mm and the base is 420 x 420 mm. Large 24 litres tank volume and liquid capacity of 15 litres is an added attraction for high-powered performance without frequent emptying. This latest technology appliance has an automatic power tool socket to plug in the power tool with maximum power of 2000 watts to the cleaner and run it directly off the cleaner! This facility is connected via the vacuum hose and the whole operation is controlled by the power tools’ on / off switch. Effortless performance combined with ease of use is synonymous with this appliance. Draper WDV1400 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is offered with an array of accessories like cartridge filter, 2 paper dust bags, 2 steel extension tubes and combination attachment for floors and carpets. Besides, included in the package are attachment for fluids, furniture brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery attachment. Complete with adapter for power tool dust extraction system, a BS approved non-rewirable 3-pin moulded plug and cable plus hand grip with air control this design is par excellence.

General Information
Brand Draper
Model Draper WDV1400 Vacuum Cleaner
Type of Vacuum cleaner Cylinder
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions (H) 600 x Base 420 x 420 mm
Motor Power 2000 watts
Suction power 60 l / sec
Maximum vacuum pressure 25 KPa / 250 mbar
Tank volume 24 l
Liquid capacity 15 l
Hand grip with air control Yes
Power Supply Mains
Cartridge filter Yes
2 paper dust bags Yes
2 steel extension tubes Yes
Combination attachments Yes
Furniture brush Yes
Crevice nozzle Yes
Upholstery attachment Yes




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