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Dunlop DDH Tour Distance

By: Rex Inego | May 01, 2008 07:33 PM

This is the worst ball I have ever had the mis-fortune to play with.

Pros: They're dirt cheap. Mostly sold in sports soccer in boxes of 24 for under 10.

cons: They are hard. I don't mean hard as in not much feel. I mean they are actually made of rock, made to look like a golf ball. Expect shattered bones in your hand if you ever mis-hit one and possibly broken clubs if you use them long enough. Despite being so hard, they don't really go that far. They don't particularly stop on the greens very well. They don't have a great trajectory. They make you look like a cheapskate. The biggist bad point is that they come in a box of 24, so once you've tried one, you are left wondering what to do with the other 23. I suggest paper-weights.

conclusion: Really not worth it. If you want a ball as cheap as this, look at some of the top flights, or better still, lake balls.

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