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Durex Play: Heat

By: Rex Inego | May 27, 2008 12:35 AM

Hhhhmmm, wouldn't use this again.

we got a free sachet, lube isn't something I usually experiment with.

both my boyfriend and I liked it at first, tingly, warm sensation.

but after a minute or so it became uncomfortable, too hot... not when it's just on you, but when you continue to touch each other or kiss the area etc. it becomes a burning sensation..

we both washed it off!

Pros: nice sensation at first.

cons: makes you TOO sensitive burning sensation REALLY oily, takes ages to wash off entirely uncomfortable after a short while almost made the foreplay hurt me a little bit!

conclusion: lots of mess for not much outcome. Uncomfortable. I wouldn't bother, and i def. wouldn't pay for it. if u get a free sample. try it, but i don't reckon you'd buy it. Nice idea... but it doesn't really work!

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