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Durex Sensilube

By: Rex Inego | Apr 08, 2009 11:27 AM

The vaginal lubricant Durex Sensilube is second only to the natural moisture levels and is pure and gentle on the inside while preventing staining and is totally odour free. It acts and feel like the natural lubricant enhancing sexual comfort, confidence and enjoyment.

Safe to use with condoms also, this crystal clear lubricant is ideal for the women undergoing major hormonal changes especially during and after menopause, when tired or stresses, when taking contraceptive pills, during and after pregnancy and when under any medication. A drop applied with the finger-tip is sufficient and can last longer as the tube has 40ml contents.

Pros: It gives instant relief and is apt for females under any medication and varied stress levels. Second only to natural lubrication, it is totally odourless. The uncompromising standards make it completely safe and refreshing.

cons: Almost none

conclusion: The best lubricant one can rely on especially during lovemaking, it gives a safe and natural feel and refreshes the inside while ensuring immense satisfaction and can be used regularly.

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