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DXS Pulse Loader Paintball Hopper

By: Rex Inego | Jul 21, 2009 10:05 AM

DXS Pulse Loader Paintball Hopper is developed to offer quick loading and facilitates easy use. It is engineered with precision and care is lavished on its detailing. The product offers greater durability, extended performance and enhanced experience. This unit weighs just 3 pounds and hence very easy to handle. You can grip the unit perfectly as it is well crafted and perfectly structured.

Pros: The unit comprises of a magnetic lid which ensures simple and speedy loading. With the Removable Drivetrain, you can clean the unit in no time encouraging better maintenance of the product. It consists of Recessed Feed Cone and Gentle drive fingers for brittle paint. It comes with Interchangeable Battery Kit. Block-Free Performance is ensured, which adds to the efficiency of the product. The unit features Wireless One-Sync Pulse Technology. This unit is a Marker & Loader Communicate & Function as One for Max R.O.F. It features 6 aa's or light weight 2X9V Option, which makes it an extremely viable product. Low Profile Feed Neck is provided. It is light weight and hence can be used easily.

cons: None.

conclusion: This device is very powerful and is strongly built, which facilitates better use. It is powered to offer optimum performance. All its parts and components co-ordinate well and bring in remarkable results.

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