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Dye Attack Pack Pro

By: Rex Inego | Apr 15, 2009 11:46 AM

A masterpiece design of progression and style, the Dye Attack Pack Pro is light, supple, vented and relaxing and can hold pods from 4 to 11 numbers. With a continuous self-adjusting feature, it maintains the lowest profile, compressing in size with each pod removed resulting in unique blend of adaptability and compact size.

Made from Vented fibre woven elastic and having plush vented back panel, the slots provide maximum ventilation to cool the pods while the pillow soft back-panel ensures total comfort of wear while permitting one to bend, crouch, crawl or duck it to keep a low profile and stick on to the body.

It features 3 stages with the Attack Pack Pro loaded with 11 pods in the first stage, the first layer removed and the harness compressed to hold 7 pods in the second stage and the second layer removed and the harness once again compressed to hold 4 pods making it even smaller in the third stage.

Pros: The highly sophisticated design that ensures total flexibility and comfort, it is highly durable and can be adjusted to individual requirements while the looks are simply cool and stays on tight even when the quantities it holds are minimal!

cons: When the pack pro is opened, the pod slides out and you will have to fight with it to put the pods in. The straps are just too smaller. Not low profile as the company claims.

conclusion: Sophisticated looks and total comfort is ensured when using it hardly restricting the movements. With pods increasing and dependence on games on the rise, this single pack with good pod holding capacity and can expand or contract as per requirements weighing just 2.2 lbs only!

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