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Dye i3 Invision PRO Goggles

By: Andrew Wilson | Apr 19, 2011 04:31 AM

I love paintball. It’s really an enjoyable game but, playing it without perfect protections may cause serious injuries to your eyes, ears or somewhere else. The brand-new Dye i3 Invision PRO Goggles surely protects your head and related body parts from damages. This advanced helmet is derived from tear-resistant polyurethane and it has flow through ventilations for more comfort.

The auto-correct Pro mask system gives more comfort to the player over the paintball field. Twice tested ASTM standards ensure the safety of the user. It is clear at the first look that the mask is made of high quality silicon and it features woven rubber interior.

It is quite easy to communicate with your friends on the field. Multi-direction venting on the mask enables voice clarity for easy hearing and you will not feel any difficulty while talking.

Pros: The brilliant design of the Pro mask fits to your heads perfectly and the elasticity of the woven rubber straps will keep your head safe inside. The Tri-Mold Soft Flex Technology of the device offers more flexibility without risking the safety or performance. It comes along with anti-fog High Definition Single Lens to make game enjoyable from any environment.

cons: Actually, on this advanced paintball mask, there are no serious drawbacks to discuss with except the cost but, there is no problem on spending money for our own protection.

conclusion: Dye i3 Invision PRO Goggles is a result of years of experiments and researches. It sets you apart from the rest on the field and keeps safe. You will get a number of lenses and accessories with this new model. Firm base frame coupled with flexible facemask and patented venting system makes this model a clear protection to the players.

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