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Dynacord SL1200 Amplifier

By: Evabarnet | Apr 06, 2011 03:36 AM

With a proper amplifier the sound quality from the audio source can be enhanced and amplified. The weak and feeble sound is improved with the intervention of an amplifier. For environments that demand high quality audio, the Dynacord SL1200 Amplifier should be the perfect choice. It caters to your demanding amplification needs and delivers audio that offers impresses both the experienced and discerning listener. This well designed amplifier is easy to handle and use. With well positioned controls and features you can manage the functions in an effective manner. This device paves way to smarter amplification solutions. Distinctive features set this power amplifier apart from the rest. It comprises of 2 channels which widens the usage options. This Stereo amplifier will provide rich and high quality stereo sound. It offers power output of 380 at 8 Ohm. It also features power output of 2x600/4 Ohms, 2x380/8 Ohms, 2x900/2 Ohms and1x1200/8 Ohms. Dynacord SL1200 Stereo Amplifier comes in a manageable size of 19.01 x 34.68 x 16.59 and weight of 32.62lbs. Performance-wise you get the best output from this device.

General Information
Brand Dynacord
Model Dynacord SL1200 Amplifier
Weight 32.62lbs.
Dimensions 19.01 x 34.68 x 16.59
Type of Amplifier Stereo amplifier
Wattage 380 at 8 Ohm
Number of Channels 2 channels




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