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Eau Dolce Vita

By: Andrew Wilson | Jun 27, 2011 08:36 AM

A product from Christian Dior, Eau Dolce Vita came in to existence in 1998. The time tested product comes in excellent package. The favourite perfume of people all around the world, the product is a mixture of cedar, peaches, cinnamon and the refreshing vanilla pod. Though recommended for feminine use, it is popular with men too! 

Pros: The sweet and capturing aroma of Eau Dolce Vita can be worn daily as a day and night wear, in all seasons. Known for its elegant and delicious fragrance it can be a sensual choice for intimate occasions.

cons: There is no known drawbacks for the product.

conclusion: Eau Dolce Vita from Christian Dior is for all seasons and for consumers of all ages. The excellent package speaks for the wonderful product it carries inside

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