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Eco Air ECO8LDN Dehumidifier

By: Rex Inego | May 05, 2011 11:20 PM

With frequent changes in climatic conditions and higher humidity levels affecting the human lives adversely, resulting in frequent bouts of allergies and asthmatic attacks, one has to depend on dehumidifiers for comfortable living. The powerful Eco Air ECO8LDN Dehumidifier is designed for smaller homes and areas and is the perfect domestic appliance. It is portable and is supported by sturdy casters for smooth transit plus carrying handle for convenience. Weighing 9 kg and having dimensions of (W) 324 x (D) 495 x (H) 150 mm, this dehumidifier is loaded with matchless features and facilities. With mechanical and refrigeration dehumidification process it offers a high water extraction rate of 8 litres in 24 hours. The water tank has 1.5 litres capacity and equipped with container full indicator to empty it plus auto power off when full to prevent damages and continuous drainage option to the nearby drain or sump; it is the best user-friendly design. Well thought of anti-frost feature to offer the best performance even at low temperatures; electronic controls and LED display for precise settings and adjustable humidistat heightens the viability of it. Eco Air ECO8LDN Refrigerant Dehumidifier has noise level limited to 43 dB. The power requirement is consistent in 230 Watts power input. Refrigerant used is the R 134A and air flow volume is 100 cu m / hr. Perfect operation is ensured in area of 8 – 14 m2.

General Info
Brand Eco Air
Model Eco Air ECO8LDN Dehumidifier
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions (W) 324 x (D) 495 x (H) 150 mm
Type Refrigerant
Capacity 8 l / 24 hrs
Maximum Airflow 100 cu m / hr
Water tank capacity 1.5 l
Power Consumption 230 Watts
Noise level 43 dB
Handle Yes
Electronic control panel Yes
Water level indicator Yes
Continuous drainage option Yes
Auto shut off Yes
Water tank full indicator Yes
Built in adjustable humidistat Yes
Moving wheels Yes
Frost sensor Yes
Anti-frost Yes




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