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Empire E-Vents Goggles

By: Rex Inego | May 18, 2009 07:10 AM

Designed with an extremely superior and optically accurate smoke thermal lens, Empire E-Vents Goggles is a dual plane for ultimate anti-fog performance. With extremely safe and quick release system, the lens can be replaced within seconds, though held very securely into the mask and frame.

The lens fit in under the nose piece to prevent the ingress of paint into the goggle and under the lens. Complete with low profile face plate, advanced optically correct lenses, dark smoke, dual-pane thermal lens and clear thermal-cured anti-fog single pane lens, it has the ability to add a visor or brow shield without the aid of tools. It comes with high-class strap with silicone beading to keep the mask securely in place, soft ear cover and dual density foam, colour matched strap and metallic logos and a micro fibre lens bag for protection and for cleaning the lens it also comes with 2 visors and a goggle bag.

Pros: The best and most preferred goggles that ensure total protection with extremely safe and quick release system that can be replaced within seconds. Exceptionally powerful and charming, the safety features offered and style ensured makes it the ultimate in anti-fog performance.

cons: None.

conclusion: Reliable and safe, it has unique combination of style, power and safety features for anti-fog performance and since it fits snugly under the nose piece, it prevents entrance of paint into the goggle under the lens.

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