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Empire Reload Hopper

By: Rex Inego | May 18, 2009 07:06 AM

The sound activated hopper with optically sensing loader to prevent misfeeds Empire reload hopper acts like a regular gravity-fed hopper. When it senses a misfeed, it rotates the paddles preventing any misfeed and loads the ball every time the marker is fired.

Complete with magnetic lid to prevent snapping, sound activated mechanism, auto sensing adjustment, auto-turn-off after 30 minutes and feed rate of 10 12 balls per second, it requires 2 standard 9 volts batteries. Low battery indicator and push button on / off makes operation easy.

Pros: This fast electronic loader is specifically designed to avoid misfeeds and loads a ball each time when a marker is fired.

cons: Not as powerful as the Reloader B.

conclusion: The complete re-load hopper which never waits for the misfeeds to happen, its sound activated mechanism and auto sensing adjustment brings exceptional performance.

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