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Empire Reloader B Hopper

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2009 08:10 AM

Reliable and customizable, Empire Reloader B Hopper is a force-fed and belt driven motorized hopper that is capable of feeding paintballs into your gun at a rate of 20 balls per second. With batteries laid out in the hopper nose, it has its circuit board opposite the batteries facing the shooter and motor at the bottom. It performs by rotating the round tray holding the balls, which physically forces the paintballs down the feedneck. The device responding to the noise of your gun firing, feeds only while you shoot.

This sound-activated hopper features auto turnoff, low battery LED indicator and includes two battery compartments, allowing you to use either four or six AA batteries. The board adjusting the power to the motor depending on the batteries, the hopper comes complete with a built in rip drive, a manual feed mechanism ideal for any player who wants to have a better backup system in case of battery or force feed system downs.

Pros: Lightweight with Polycarbonate diamond body construction and reinforced feedneck, this outstanding hopper can hold approximately 190 paintballs. With Soft-touch micro power switch, it has a spring driven, true force feed system and fast feed rate. Easy to open, it does not jam and is also very quiet in operation. Apart from that, various upgrades are available including upgraded boards, batteries and shells.

cons: Quiet heavier than others in the category, it is difficult to disassemble and has brittle shells. Cleaning it is quite time consuming and a bit costlier than Halo B.

conclusion: Highly durable and reliable, this powerful hopper ensures that very few things go wrong and it can easily sustain with the fastest shooting guns. Impossible to outshine it, the device ensures that there are very few breaks and jams thereby making it ideal for Electric, Entry level and High Performance Markers as well as tournaments.

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