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Emtec M314 Penguin 2GB Pen Drive

By: Chris Kevin | Jun 10, 2011 12:27 AM

Emtec has launched a new pen drive in the markets. Emtec M314 Penguin 2GB Pen Drive is a stylish model with easy connectivity and playback facility. This light weight USB pen drive has 40 x 25 x 25 mm ultra compact size and it comes in a gorgeous design that attracts the viewers even at the first look. As of the name shows, it is enclosed in a penguin-like body that resembles a funny play think. You won’t think this stylish device is a high speed data traveller. The featured 2.0GB data storage capacity of the device allows you to carry a number of files inside. No special OS or driver software is required for this device. It is compatible with almost all Operating systems now available. High speed USB host integrated on the device is the built-in connectivity interface of this latest pen drive. You can use it to connect the drive with your system or media player for file transmission. This superb gadget possesses 24mbps read and 7.0mbps write speed as well. Emtec M314 Penguin 2GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive was there in the market since 2009. This classy model makes data transferring faster than ever before.

General Information
Brand Emtec
Model Emtec M314 Penguin 2GB Pen Drive
Capacity 2GB
Reading / Writing Speed Read Speed: 24.0 MB/s Write Speed: 7.0 MB/s
Portability Yes




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