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Esprit Styling Lip Gloss

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 12, 2011 11:26 AM

Esprit cosmetic products will suit all users owing to their high quality ingredients. The Esprit Styling Lip Gloss is a fantastic creation by the company. It offers gentle and effective care to your dull and dry lips. It offers instant shine and shimmer, making it a perfect lip make-up tool. It boosts the lip volume and makes your lips tempting. This lip gloss enhances the natural shape and beauty of your lips. By offering 40 % fuller looking lips, you get the best from this lip gloss. 

Pros: When compared to other lip glosses, this one lasts longer. The colour and shine lasts for up to six long hours. Since, it lasts longer, you can forget about the frequent and frustrating touch-ups. This lip gloss not only offers shine and shimmer to your lips but it also moisturizes. The easy to apply brush, offers full coverage of your lips. The sides and corners of your lips are reached easily and you get the perfect finish. Available in bright and beautiful shades, you can create an individual look. The colour stays longer while the moisturizing properties give essential lip care

cons: None

conclusion: Esprit Styling Lip Gloss is reasonably priced and is fits all budgets. Grab one of these excellent lip glosses and get perfectly styled lips. It has a mild smell and flavour, making this lip-gloss a perfect choice. You can wear it for any occasion and with any face make-up. For dramatic and intense look you can use it with other lip colour combinations.

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