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Essentials C10DHW10 White Dehumidifier

By: Amelia Janet | May 15, 2011 11:24 PM

With higher humidity levels in the atmosphere adversely affecting human health and the furniture or upholstery adversely, one has to depend on the dehumidifiers for comfortable living. Ideal for use in coastal regions as well the Essentials C10DHW10 White Dehumidifier with the perfect combination of style, energy efficient and user friendly options brings to the fore new dimensions to the concept of smart home appliances. This dehumidifier is compact and stylish and the retro charm of it enhances the d├ęcor of the interiors while the space required for its installation is minimal. The power required for its commendable performance is limited to 250 watts and the ensured airflow rate is a high 130 m3 / hr. It has single speed setting for convenience and the refrigerant used is the safe R 134A. The people suffering from frequent bouts of allergies due to airborne allergens and asthmatic attacks can enjoy the comfort of a healthier life as this dehumidifier is equipped to remove the harmful levels of humidity from the living space. Essentials C10DHW10 White 250 Watts Dehumidifier has easy to control features and requires no technical expertise for its operation. Pocket-friendly in every aspect, it is indeed the best cost effective and efficient way to protect the investment!

General Info
Brand Essentials
Model Essentials C10DHW10 White Dehumidifier
Type Refrigerant
Maximum Airflow 130 m3 / hr
Fan speed 1
Power Consumption 250 watts




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