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By: Rex Inego | Jul 01, 2009 06:45 AM

The ideal magazine for women, Essentials Magazine, just as the name indicates, features all Essentialsђ that one would like to read. It comes with varied topics that range from beauty to health, travel to real life stories and many more to name. With provision of good advice related to health, beauty, fashion and career, it is suited for all those grown up women. Other than that, it comes with varied home-making tips, delicious recipes to try out, food and travel guide, family matters and much more.

The inspirational and true life stories featured comes with motivational words and it can help one a lot to during bad times. One can come across varied self-assessment quizzes that help to assess ones inner self. With varied articles related to health that are useful, it comes with a column which features fitness regime, health problems shared by the readers, etc, on a regular basis. Featuring the latest fashion trends, it comes with good fashion tips, thereby making it ideal for younger women. With fabulous make-up tips, it features really good advice on hairdo and various make-up products to make it a great shopping guide.

Pros: Complete with interesting and useful topics to read, this monthly comes with immense tips and suggestions on health, fashion, travel and beauty. To make it the best buy, it ensures money value with all the quality features, journalism, advertisements and photographs.

cons: Too much advertisement.

conclusion: Designed for women in their twenties or early thirties, this monthly magazine, complete with all the motivational life stories, quality articles and useful tips related to beauty, fashion, health etc, can be deemed the best read.

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