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Excite Truck (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 25, 2007 01:44 PM

When you begin to play a racing game, you don't expect to see ''Air'' in the stats when you choose your vehicle. That's because this game turns dull, slow, boring trucks that usually have ''Clean Me'' written on them into something that gets your adrenaline running through you almost as fast as the trucks themselves!

Too fast, not so serious
The first thing you notice about this game is that it is heart-stoppingly fast. When you're holding the accelerator button down so hard that the control is about to crack, the speed is mad enough, but hitting a ''Nice Landing'' and getting a crazyass speed boost where the camera looks like it is melting is mind blowing when you first start the game.

''Landing?'' I hear you cry. Yes, Excite Truck takes the racing formula, chews it up into little pieces and craps it out of it's...um, exhaust. This game truly lives up to it's name and makes your eyes burst out of their sockets and want to run away and hide in the corner, due to fear of being sizzled under the immense jumps you try to pull off.

Half the time playing the game you will be up in the air trying to land safely on all four wheels. No, not so you live and don't end up with your waist where you shoulders should be, but to go even faster! Landing on all four wheels will have you speeding off into the distance faster than you can say ''WHEREDIDMYSPLEENGO!?''. If being miles up in the air isn't enough for you, you can pull off a 360-degree spin as a stunt. Sadly, that is all there is for those of you who want to try and ghost ride the whip in a huge truck. Nevertheless, the game sure makes up for it with the craziest things happening to you while you drive around ramming the other trucks to a well deserved doom.

Driving into exclamation marks that are, er, marked around the map here and there will initiate a very significant event in the game. From erupting a volcano, to morphing a section of the track into a huge hill for you to fly off of! A justifiably named ''POW'' marker will send your truck into a boosting frenzy with sirens blazing so you can take a shortcut and ram through a load of trees that dare to block your path!

Stars in their eyes
Stars which help you to pass each race can be gained from making the most of these events. There are different ways of getting stars. Being longer in the air by tilting the remote backwards or hitting the boost just after leaving a hill/ramp/whatever will give you more stars as time goes by while in the air. You can also get stars by ramming other trucks, having near misses with trees, drifting and having a decent position after the race. All of this mixed together brings in one hell of an adrenaline rush.

Two trucks are better than one!
Sadly, no, they aren't. In Excite trucks case, the multiplayer is suprisingly shallow with no depth whatsoever. It is just you and your friend, racing it out. Which isn't bad, but there are no bots to play with which makes the multiplayer a bit less tense since it can only support 2 people. Despite this, the game is a definite must-have which will make you give other racing games a dirty look everytime you pass them in the shop.

Pros: Graphics Sound Gameplay Longetivity

cons: None...

conclusion: It really is THAT good.

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