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Excite Truck (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Apr 03, 2007 08:20 PM

Excite Truck

[Publisher: Nintendo][Developer: Monster Games][PEGI 7+][Genre: Racing][Released: 16.02.07]

If you're looking for realistic racing, you've come to the wrong place. Seconds into the race, your 'big damn trucks' (as Reggie Fis-Aime said it in E3) will zoom into the terrain, as you hold your Wii Remote sideways to steer, 2 to accelerate and, (if you'll ever need it, god forbid) 1 to brake. It also introduced the standard driving method using the Remote, holding it sideways and tilting it in the direction you want to steer and you'll see it in a lot of racers later in the Wii's lifespan. Only this comes with a twist. You've also got to twist the Remote up and down to fly through the air at ramps, pulling off at breakneck speed with a few tricks up your truck's exhaust, as the objective isn't really coming first in the race. You need to collect stars during the race, in which you will do by pulling off the truck in the air, as well as flying through rings, dangerously driving near trees, landing properly after soaring over, and even smashing into other truck and crashing into trees. Driving through special '!'s morphs the terrain around you, making for some interesting sights. Although it lacks a bit in the way of options and modes, (only 3 Challenge modes Gate, Ring, and Crash) and a little disappointing multiplayer (only has a 1-on-1 race mode), it's still an essential title for the Wii as it will restore your faith in the little console. If you're bored of it right now due to a lack of titles, this may change your mind. It's also great for speed freaks and stress relief (absurd, I know) as when I'm in a bad/sad mood, the thrill at driving an insane truck at speeds faster than Sonic The Hedgehog is really satisfying, especially if you play games to escape reality. There's not much racers out there for the Wii, and this isn't a bad choice for your first racer on the Wii. Need For Speed: Carbon just can't compare with the speed this monster unleashes upon you. Just try to keep up with the big, damn trucks! It's utter hell for the purist racing junkies, and heaven for the speed freaks. You can quote me on that, Nintendo.

Pros: Unbelievably fast! Օ Huge size and scope in tracks. The terrain morphs are imaginative and fresh. Օ Eagle-eyed gamers will notice the attention to detail, especially when you crash your truck. Some small, but excellent additions. For example, of you do a HUGE jump, the music will go quiet, accompanied with an airy-fairy feel as you soar you the track. Օ Excellent visuals (but the Wii is capable of so much more). Enagaging in-game controls and tricks.

cons: Shallow single-player mode. Օ Sweet but short although more casual gamers will get more out of it. ֕ Disappointing multiplayer and it was a US launch title! ֕ Little customisation options and game modes may dissuade gamers when considering this title. All of the points above were mentioned as this title was delayed for launch in Europe for 3 months.

conclusion: Well, the lack of options and modes aside, Excite Truck is an excellent racer, with some imaginative gameplay, huge environments and some of the speediest trucks I have ever witnessed in a game, coming close to the Burnout series. Its a bargain right now, the cheapest being ң20 if you shop around, and for a price as low as that, Excite Truck is an essential racer. But some bad points stop this from entering Classic Game territory. Its speed junkie heaven!

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