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Excite Truck (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Jun 08, 2007 08:27 AM

This is the sort of game that the Wii was made for. Using all of the motion sensing mumbo jumbo perfectly, Excite Truck offers non-stop action as the best truck racing game ever devised.

The premise is simple; you drive a truck round a huge course against other trucks to win. Its the same premise as any other racing game really, so how does Excite Trick differ from its completion?

Firstly it has the Wii remote under its belt, something that Colin McRae: DIRT or Forza 2 canҒt claim. Straight away the game shows you that the control method isnt just a gimmick either. Tilting the remote on its side (in a similar fashion to Sonic and he Secret Rings), tilting the remote left or right results in a quick turn in the respective direction.

The 1 button is for acceleration and 2 for the brakes (which you will barley ever use). You also use any direction on the D-pad as your boost feature. Whilst rocketing through the air you can also control your landing and movement, altering your landing area to avoid a clump of trees, tilting back to gain more air or forward to hit solid earth - the system works well. Limiting the usage of the motion sensing is a good idea, its merely incorporated Җ not a primary feature something other Wii titles should be ashamed off (Im looking at you Far Cry).

The game play it also top class, with an excellent control scheme, you can really feel the weight of your truck which changes depending on the truck you happen to be driving.

The game is even good in the graphics department, whilst obviously not matching DIRT on graphics and effects such as dust blow, Excite Truck offers a very good experience, with the game feeling ғright as you play it.

The game, of course, is hindered by the console and given the extra power you get the feeling that more variety on the tracks could have been achieved. An example of this is the Canadian levels, whilst there are plenty of pretty snow effects you feel like wanting some of those sexy dynamic weather effects possible on the 360 or PS3.

The actual levels themselves are really nice to look at, with some good variation in lighting, plenty of detail (literally hundreds of trees to crash into) and the usual les flare business that has featured in every real racing game since V-Rally on the PSone.

Lets not forget this is a Nintendo game however, with some rounded models and textures going on to give it a different edge to it than that of the other serious racers. The game (as Nintendo games often do) features a quick ten minute tutorial session.

In fact after a couple hours of play you will feel like you have mastered the game inside and out, pulling off the best combos and such. You will have also picked your favourite truck from the first five or six and will be starting you long process of unlocking all the hidden trucks.

If thereԒs one thing this game has then its content. A huge single player mode encompasses the usual tournament style modes with you playing to win each cup. Each cup has usually five tracks to complete with a certain score to pass for each track. Completing the five cups for a difficulty opens up the next difficulty level and getting gold on every single cup, on all three difficulties opens up the final truck.

The variety of trucks in the game is huge, and their stats all differ to give racers a choice of the balance they want. Trucks get faster, stronger and fly harder the more you progress through the game. Playing ten races in a truck, or even better gaining an SӔ rank with that truck unlocks a different skinӔ for that truck. This ranges from the addition of striped, adding or removing extra lights or revamping the truck with a host of promotional stickers. Unfortunately you cant customize your truck further than choosing either the normal or extra ғskin and the base colour. Once again colour choice isnԒt a NFS affair about ten colours ranging from brighter, fun colours to more solemn tones.

Just like most Wii games there are some gaping holes in this gem of a game. Some more variety in the tracks styles would be better other than just a snowy Canada, a dusty Mexico, a rainy China, and overcast Scotland and a tropical Fiji. While these tracks cover the major areas of off-road racing, a lot of the tracks feel too similar.

The lack of stunts in the game is also a shame, the only ֓real stunt includes spinning your truck in the air, this is a horrible use for the Wii remote and is really difficult to perform Ԗ most of the time youll find yourself ignoring it and opting to gather more air instead.

Finally, donҒt bother with the multiplayer, its a horrible add on. The screen is split vertically, meaning you canҒt really see whets coming on your blindӔ side. This results in a race full of just crashes- not a fun experience.

Pros: - Cheap in places, and certainly if its pre-owned - Good use of the Wii remote - Fun and fast - A good quantity of content - Lots of heaving, chunky trucks

cons: - Awful Multiplayer, not worth a second of you time - Dont bother if your have to shell out ң34.99 or more - More variety in track style would be nice

conclusion: A fun game that its best played with a small group of people taking it in turns to race against the CPU. Its a great game if you can find it cheap. A good game that can be built upon for a sequel, adding a decent Online mode would harvest a sure hit for Nintendo. In a Word Җ Enjoyable

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