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F-One Kiteboarding Fifty Pro (2008) Kite Board

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 06:02 AM

The F-One Kiteboarding Fifty Pro Kiteboard is available in two sizes of 150 x 45 cm and 150 x 48cm. The Light Wind style Kiteboard can be used by novices and experts alike offering them a never before experience. 

This board features the Direct Drive technology where in Direct Drive refers to a board with the least thickness made from 100% wood core and provided with a fibreglass covering. Typically the wood core is the heart of the board and is the mainstay of the Direct Drive Technology, while the flex is the exceptional enhancement in the Direct Drive technique. The forceful reaction, the chock and taking in of vibrations supplied by the wood core are exclusive and unmatched. The whole beauty of it is that the Kiteboard work all the components are so well incorporated that it works with and for you and you do not experience any jerks in the water even if the surface is not smooth. 

The Direct Drive F-One is capable of achieving a precise board, as it speedily cuts off and smooth out the chops, absorb power all in great timing. The experience of riding when you are directly in contact with water is exhilarating.

Pros: The interactive board offers far less exertion on your legs, and offers good aim control and gives you a better feel This F-One Kiteboard can be used by a newbie or an expert Offers the most thrilling experiences in the water

cons: None

conclusion: The F-One Kiteboarding Fifty Pro (2008) Kite Board is one that offers the ultimate water sport experience and can be used by both a beginner and an expert offering them the most exciting thrills. The price includes the Fins, Grab Handle, Foot Beds and the Foot Straps.

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