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Fabric Dyeing with Washing Machine

By: Evabarnet | Sep 25, 2011 08:15 AM

Washing Machines are not used just for washing clothes but they are excellent for dyeing fabrics. Though immersion dyeing is the best method for dyeing, it requires lots of water to soak the fabric. Hauling loads of water manually can be difficult. Another option that you can go for is using your washer to dye your fabric. Here are some tips to print a mark of your own by creatively employing dye and washer to give your old fabric a face lift. Choosing a dye is important. Different fabrics need different dyes. Fibre reactive types of dyes are used for rayon, cotton and linen. You can use them in cool water too. Fibre reactive dyes offer good end results. Acid dyes are used to dye fabrics of wool, nylon and animal fibres. This can be used with hot tap water. Both types of washers, top loading and front loading can be used to dye fabrics. If you are using a top loading machine you can conveniently open the drum door to include the dye at the last minute. The front loader offers even colours to clothes, and consumes less water. Now that you are ready to dye your piece of cloth, the first step is to turn on an empty water cycle. You will have to decide the temperature according to the type of dye and fabric you use. Add salt in the proportion of 4 cups of salt to 1 litre of water. Salt helps the dye to penetrate well into the fabric. Ensure the dye is dissolved well before you put in your garments. Let the machine swirl. More than one swirling cycle may be needed for the dye to render its full colour to fabric. If the machine stops, again set it to wash or tumble cycle. You can go for the slowest cycle in your washer. Allow the cycle to finish and let it drain well. Now you can hang the dyed clothe away from direct sunlight to dry totally. Dyeing will not ruin your washing machine, so you can try it bravely.




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