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Fake Bake Mousse

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 13, 2011 10:22 AM

Fake Bake Mousse is perfect for people who want a natural tanning effect. This mousse works effectively on all skin types offering a natural tanned effect. You can get even and effective tanning without a sun bath. The mousse covers all over the skin offering complete tanned effect. It comes in a new thick foam texture that is easier to use. 

Pros: Its quick drying effect makes it very practical. Applying this foam takes less time and you can use it on a busy day. In just seconds, the product dries offering you the desired tan. With this effective tanner you can get the desired tanned look. It offers long-lasting tan and you can feel good about your skin tone. You can use this tanning product as often as desired. You can apply it all over the body and get even and smooth tan. This Fake Bake Mousse will not leave your skin dry but smooth and glowing. It comes in an easy to use bottle which makes it easier to use.

cons: None

conclusion: The Fake Bake Mousse is available in a 249 g bottle which lasts for many sessions. This Improved Foaming Mousse offers darker tan and your skin will look great. You can show off your natural tan and invite attention from boys and envy from friends.

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