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By: Rex Inego | May 27, 2009 07:17 AM

The female condom deliberated to guard the vagina, cervix, external genitalia and the base of the penis during sex- Femidom is stronger than latex, fragrance-free, causes no allergic reactions and may be used with water based and oil based lubricants effectively.

It can be inserted before the intercourse and with correct and consistent use is safe, effective female controlled barrier for preventing pregnancy and Sexually transmitted diseases including HIV / AIDS. Designed in dimensions of (L) 170 mm x (W) 80 mm x thickness 0.48 mm and outer ring diameters of minimum 65 mm, inner ring diameter of minimum 50 mm and inner ring thickness of 3.5 mm, it is lubricated and warms to the body temperature.

Pros: Saves the pressure of rolling of condoms and is more convenient. Recommended for longer sessions, they are quite large and comfortable and can be put on even before the foreplay and can be ordered by mail!

cons: Is cumbersome to insert and has a tendency to twist and can be uncomfortable for longer duration, hence excess lubricant is required.

conclusion: This disposable odourless sheath is the effective female controlled barrier to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD’s. Being soft and comfortable to use, it hardly interferes with the natural feel and causes no allergic reactions making it ideal for use with water based and oil based lubricants.

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