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Femodette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Aug 11, 2007 11:08 PM

I was just wondering if any of you girls have tried Femodette? This was the first pill I was put on to and never had any problems with it, no weight gain, no mood swings - nothing! The only thing I had a problem with was my periods were not coming through till the sixth day, which gave me and my partner many a scare lol! But I was then put onto Microgynon 30 which has been hellish to say the least! I know from self experience it maded me moody and hyper sensitive, anyhoo I was just wondering if you have any thoughts and experiences of femodette? Thanks for your input.


Pros: No mood swings No weight gain No headaches No general aches and pains associated with starting the pill

cons: Sore breasts to start with Periods a little late

conclusion: Of all the pills ive taken (all be it 2!!) this is the one ive personally been more comfortable with and it suited my body. id fully recommend it. It isnt as strong as the other pill I was on (microgynon 30) but not pregnant yet and thank god as im getting married next year lol thanks for reading my review i hope it has been of some use and would love to hear what you think. xxchristinexx

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