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Femodette Contraceptive Pill

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2008 02:50 PM

I went onto femodette after being on Cilest for a while,which made me have thrush and long periods. Femodette worked well for me, the periods were exactly 5 days, but they were slightly heavier than before so I decided to change again. I really wish I hadn't. Since then I've been on Mercilon (I fell to pieces at the slightest negative comment), Yasmin (experienced bad headaches on the 7 pill-free days), Cerazette (a mini pill which just made me bleed the whole time I was on it) and another mini pill, which I can't quite remember the name of- something like Femodene (again continual bleeding). I asked if i could go back onto femodette, as seemed the best of a bad bunch, but they seemed reluctant to put me back on it, so I decided to stop taking the pill altogether to give my body a rest. 6 Months on I've only had 2 periods, I've broken out in acne on my face, chest and back and have just started taking Dianette to see if it will help my skin. Fingers crossed this will work!!

Pros: > Periods were exactly 5 days, no spotting. > No weight gain > No mood swings

cons: > Periods slightly heavier, but in retrospect they were probably fine

conclusion: This contraceptive pill has probably been the best so far and I have ben on many lol. Once my skin has cleared up and I stop taking Dianette I'm hoping to go back onto Femodette.

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