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Flexifoil Traction Extreme Four Line

By: Rex Inego | Apr 16, 2009 10:53 AM

Designed for all those wanting to get airtime while buggying or land-boarding, Flexifoil Traction Extreme Four Line has unique control bar with safety system and quick release harness strop line and is appropriate for all four-line kites of similar sizes.

The carbon control bar with Harness Leash Safety System is available in lengths of 60 cm or up to 4 metres kites and 70 cm or up to 5 metres plus kites.

Complete with EVA foam grip; line winders on each end of the bar to hold 25 metres of line and keep the leader lines safely away from the hands while steering; single action release that is easy and uncomplicated to set in motion and simple to re-attach even when on water; central webbing trim system with pulley to allow brakes to run freely when aggressively steering wherein the brakes simply attach to the lines running through the pulley; super grip and removable chicken loop stalk for unhooked riding ensure total peace of mind.

Pros: With uncompromising quality and high standards of safety, flying through air without fears is ensured.

cons: Not known

conclusion: With easy to use features, it ensures maximum safety and complete peace of mind is assured!

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