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Freeport Shopping Centre, Braintree

By: Rex Inego | Aug 31, 2008 12:45 PM

Freeport Shopping Centre is a cheap place to go and buy designer clothes because most of the shops are factory outlets. The main Freeport "village" is a reasonable size with some non-clothes shops too, such as a kids toy shop and coffee shops.

I personally don't go to Freeport for the shopping, but instead go for the great choice of restaurants available, and the cinema or bowling facilities which are just outside of the freeport village area.

Below is a full list of restaurants available at Freeport in Braintree:

- Aroma
- Burger King
- Chicagos
- Chimichangas
- Frankie and Benny's
- McDonalds
- Pizza Express
- Pizza Hut
- Prezzo
- Tutti Tuscan Grille

Pros: - Cheap clothes shopping from designer brands, with many shops available inside the Freeport village. - Excellent choice of restaurants outside the Freeport village. - Large car parking area, free of charge. - Other shops available too, outside the Freeport village, such as Pets at Home, B&Q and others.

cons: - Car park gets very busy at peak times, and on cheap night at the cinema.

conclusion: Worth a visit, particularly for the nearby restaurants. If you like cinema or bowling, these are very nearby, next to the restaurants and are both a good size, though the cinema is very pricey compared to others i've been to.

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