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Friedrich PDE07K3SD Air Conditioner

By: Chris Kevin | Jul 24, 2011 11:49 PM

The smart air conditioner designed for year-round performance, cooling the interiors in hot summers and warming the rooms in chilly winters Friedrich PDE07K3SD Air Conditioner brings in a powerful, yet viable design for optimum efficiency. With unique flexibility to set separate heat and cool range limits plus constant comfort room monitoring that automatically runs the fan to briefly sample temperature every minute to achieve the desired temperature this latest technology design is indeed the number-1! Desk control ready facility to control the unit from a central location; auxiliary fan option to save energy by sharing one unit for multiple rooms; remote thermostat operation and built-in controls makes this smart air conditioner perfect in every aspect. Even heat monitoring; random compressor restart to protect the electrical system from overload; high energy efficiency and room freeze protection to initiate the heater when temperature falls below 40 degrees offers total satisfaction. Filtered fresh air intake; fan cycle control; single motor design to minimize maintenance costs and service error code storage facility for improved unit diagnostics heighten the charm of it. Well designed with cooling capacity of 7500 / 7300 BTU per hour and power requirements consistent in 230 / 208 V; 2.9 Amps; and 615 Watts this air conditioner with energy efficiency ratio of 12.2 offers the best. The indoor airflow rate is 250 CFM; vent is 60 CFM and heating capacity is 11,600 / 9500 BTU per hours. The heater power requirements are consistent in 3400 / 2780 watts; voltage of 230 / 208 Volts; heating current amps is 15.3 / 13.9; minimum circuit Ampacity is 19 and branch circuit fuse is 20 Amps. Ideal for areas with high humidity as well it has dehumidification facility at the rate of 2.1 pints per hour. Well designed to prevent fungal and bacterial growth this design is easy to clean and is equipped with emergency heat override in the event of compressor failure. Friedrich PDE07K3SD Wall Mounted Air Conditioner has durable design with tamper resistant grille, enclosed clamshell motor, dual thumbscrews and powder coated paint. It has aluminium end plates plus smart indoor coil frost sensor and advanced corrosion protection with Diamonblue technology! Having dimensions of (W) 42 x (D) 13 ¾ x (H) 16 inches for the wall sleeve; (W) 42 x (D) 7 ½ x (H) 16 inches for the front cover; and W 42 ¼ x H 16 ¼ inches it can be installed through wall or window without affecting the décor or space constrictions. Rated 12.2 in energy efficiency it requires power of 615 cooling watts and 3400 heating watts.

General Info.
Brand Friedrich
Model Friedrich PDE07K3SD Air Conditioner
Colours Available
Dimension (W) 42 x (D) 13 ¾ x (H) 16 inches
Type of Air conditioner Widow / wall mounted
Application Home / office
Cooling Capacity 7500 / 7300 BTU per hour
Heating Capacity 11,600 / 9500 BTU per hour
Power Consumption Heating- 3400 watts Cooling – 615 watts
Maximum dehumidification/day 2.1 pt / hr
Standard Features
Remote Control Yes
Sleep and timer options Yes
Adjustable airflow Yes
Air flow rate 250 CFM – indoors
Washable Pre-Filter Yes
Moisture removal Yes
LCD control panel Yes
Automatic Heating and Cooling Changeover Yes
Automatic operation Yes
Off timer Yes
Performance Rating
Energy Efficiency Rating 12.2




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