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Friedrich XQ06M10 Air Conditioner

By: Amelia Janet | Jul 15, 2011 01:02 AM

The compact air conditioner ideal for rooms of 225 sq feet Friedrich XQ06M10 Air Conditioner is energy efficient, powerful and compact. It can be installed through wall or window without affecting the space constrictions or décor of the space. Vertical sash installation and an included wall sleeve for convenience are part of the package. Weighing 72 lbs and having dimensions of (H) 14 x (W) 19.75 x (D) 21.38 inches it offers cutting edge technology that can be controlled by the finger tips! The cooling power ensured is 6000 BTU / hour. Superb cooling efficiency and energy efficient this design with 3 fan speeds that can be set as required and electronic controls for convenience makes it ideal for regular consistent use. Well designed for installation in areas near coasts too it has dehumidification facility of 1 pt / hr. Programmable timer; airflow direction control and intrusion protection are unique to this smart air conditioner. Mosquito or insect trap is an added benefit! Power requirements are consistent in 4.9 cooling Amps; 500 watts cooling power; circuit breaker rating of 125 V-15 A and the plug face type is 5 – 15 P. The cooling performance ensured is 175 cu ft / minute. Friedrich XQ06M10 Wall Mounted Air Conditioner is the reliable energy star rated design that has high energy efficiency rating of 12. It uses the eco-friendly refrigerant R410A for its exceptional performance. With a long power cord of 6 feet, power point is easily accessible.

General Info.
Brand Friedrich
Model Friedrich XQ06M10 Air Conditioner
Weight 72 lbs
Dimension (H) 14 x (W) 19.75 x (D) 21.38 inches
Type of Air conditioner Window / wall mounted
Application Home / office
Cooling Capacity 6000 BTU /hr
Power Consumption 500 watts
Fan Settings 3 fan
Maximum dehumidification/day 1 pt / hr
Standard Features
Adjustable airflow Yes
Cooling Air Circulation 175 cu ft / minute
Washable Pre-Filter Yes
Moisture removal Yes
Max room size 225 sq ft
Performance Rating
Energy Efficiency Rating 12




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