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Fudge D:Fuse Ceramic Brush

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 05, 2011 08:27 AM

The important and basic tool required while styling your hair is an effective hair styling brush. Without a proper styling brush you will not get the required styling results. For hassle-free brushing and styling, you will need the Fudge D:Fuse Ceramic Brush. This model is available in four different sizes including 25mm, 33mm, 43mm and 53mm. You can easily brush away the knots without causing damages to your hair. Besides, it removes the static from your hair. 

Pros: This brush guarantees excellent styling results. It retains the heat and offers optimum finish. The round shaped handle offers perfect grip and you can comb through the hair effectively. The well spaces bristles prevent entangling of the hair and offers easy combining. Both durable and flexible, these brushes become very handy.

cons: No

conclusion: Fuse Ceramic Brush 25mm is best suited for short and medium sized hair types, while the Fuse Ceramic Brush 33mm is ideal for short, medium and fairly long hair. Those who have medium long hair types can use Fuse Ceramic Brush 43mm and people with long hair types can make use of the Fuse Ceramic Brush 53mm.

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