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Fudge Medium Paddle Brush

By: Chris Kevin | Aug 17, 2011 07:21 AM

Get rid of all knots and tangles from your hair, with the Fudge Medium Paddle Brush. This medium sized brush runs effectively through your hair, brushing away the complex knots in minutes. The medium paddle is easier to handle and use. The improved gripping area prevents the brush from slipping away. 

No matter what your hair type is, this brush will do the job perfectly for you. It detangles your hair easily and you can create different hair styles in minutes. It reduces hair breakage and detangles hair without any effort. It helps you tame, thick and unmanageable hair as the well spaced pins offer smooth and better glide.  

Pros: This hair brush is perfect when you use hair dryer. It effectively retains the heat from the dryer and provides perfect finish. With this hair brush, your hair is left silky and soft. Get the desirable fly-away hair with this advanced hair brush. This technologically superior brush prevents the creation of static and removes the knots.

cons: None

conclusion: This brush is easier to clean and comes in bright shades. Fudge Medium Paddle Brush can be used to create great styles while blow drying your hair. The main advantage with this paddle brush is that it reduces hair breakage caused by static and tangles. It offers gently and effective care to your hair, while combining.

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