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Fudge Oomf Shampoo

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 02, 2011 09:41 AM

The creation of Fudge Oomf Shampoo comes as good news to those who have flat and limp hair. This shampoo is formulated to gives extra volume and bounce to your thin hair. Dull and lifeless hair will instantly be energized and vitalized with this shampoo. Your hair will get back its shine and life after the very first application. 

Pros: The presence of mild cleaners cleans your hair gently yet effectively. It helps in retaining the natural oils and moisture in the hair, thereby offering natural shine. Besides, the shampoo helps to balance and control production of Sebum. It lathers quickly and you can wash it off easily. With all essential vitamins and minerals your hair will get the condition it requires. The bubblegum fragrance stays on the hair for longer. It is available in 500ml bottle.

cons: Few will not appreciate the smell of this fragrance.

conclusion: For better results you should use the Fudge Oomf Shampoo along with Oomf Conditioner. This shampoo is safe to use everyday and it will not cause damage to your delicate hair.

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