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Fudge Red Corvette Paintbox Hair Colour

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 20, 2011 10:48 AM

Attention seekers who are set on making style statements will love the fiery and vibrant Fudge Red Corvette Paintbox Hair Colour! Suitable for all types of hair, the energetic colour is sure to create some waves. 

Pros: Fudge Paintbox acts best on hair that is pre-lightened. If applied to natural hair it provides subtle tones. You can apply your creativity to add your own style by mixing more than one colour. Free from harmful ingredients like ammonia, peroxide or lift, the item is safe to use on your hair. Moreover, it adds shine and gleam to your hair.

cons: Since the colour is of hot gutsy nature, it is capable of staining anything that comes in contact with it. It is important that you take care of things you want to protect. While applying care should be taken to avoid contact with eyes and neck and during rinsing, be careful to wash hair as far away from face as possible.

conclusion: Depending on the type of hair, the duration and intensity of the colour varies slightly. Usually it lasts for about 20 washes. Application of the colour should be done carefully to get the desired effect. First, test the colour on some strands of hair. Wear gloves, take paint in to bowl and apply the colour to your hair with a tint brush. Ensure you do not tan your scalp. Using a comb with wide tooth, comb your hair so that the colour gets evenly distributed in your hair. Comb on till the colour turns frothy. If your hair is of lighter shades you may have to comb more for attaining the desired frothiness. Leave the colour in your hair for 15 – 30 minutes, which is the usual time for processing. It has been observed that plastic cap made of cling wrap augments processing. When the processing is completed rinse hair with warm water. Ensure there is no residue clinging on to your hair. Run the water in your hair till it becomes clear. Shampooing and conditioning can be done t

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