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Fudge Tourmaline Radial Brush 43mm

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 24, 2011 06:51 AM

Fudge Tourmaline Radial Brush 43mm is a perfect styling tool when you are blow-drying your hair. This hair brush smoothes your hair strands as you dry them. The compact handle with enhanced grip area lets you hold and style the hair perfectly. It also prevents the brush from slipping away and you can manage it well. 43mm Radial Brush makes blow-drying easy, quick and effortless. 

Pros: Durable and well spaced out bristles separates the hair strands and removes the knots. It creates ultra-sleek blow-dried look in no time. Even the thick and unmanageable hair can be styled perfectly using this radial brush. Designed and structured perfectly, this comb can be handled comfortably and with ease. You can twist and twirl the brush through the hair without creating any knots. You can try out new styles with this hair brush. It stimulated the scalp and promotes blood circulation. Ceramic Tourmaline construction makes this brush suitable for blow-drying purpose. This construction absorbs heat from the hairdryer and protects hair from heat damage. This brush is trusted and used by professionals.

cons: None

conclusion: Fudge Tourmaline Radial Brush is durable and lasts longer. The simple looks and the ergonomic design all contributes to the functionality of this radial brush. It smoothes down your hair and gives a radiant and natural shine.

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