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Fudge Unleaded Shampoo

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 04, 2011 07:32 AM

Fudge Unleaded Shampoo is suitable for buyers who are looking out for a mild yet effectively shampoo for everyday use. With essential moistures, it gives extra protection and shine to the dull and dry hair. It is created to work on all hair types and it is safe to use daily. Mild and gentle cleaners combine with essential vitamins to form this unleaded shampoo. It retains the essential moisture in your hair and prevents it the hair from getting brittle from everyday dust, dirt and dryness. 

Pros: It comes in an exhilarating sherbet fragrance and the smell stays in your hair for long. Every hair strand from root to tip is nourished and strengthened. This shampoo is created to work on all hair types. It comes in a 500ml bottle and you can use it for many hair washes.

cons: The bottle is not too attractive

conclusion: The Fudge Unleaded Shampoo offers deep cleaning and gives extra nourishment to your hair. For best results you can use a Fudge Unleaded Conditioner after shampooing. It gives the extra shine and bounce to your hair.

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