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Fudge Wet Hed Conditioner

By: Rex Inego | Jun 03, 2009 05:46 AM

Designed to improve moisture required for tormented hair, Fudge Wet Hed Conditioner is powerful enough to upkeep the damaged, dry or hair treated with chemicals.

For drastic effects, one just needs to shampoo hair with Wet Hed Shampoo, pour the required quantity of the conditioner on to the palms, massage it evenly through the hair, comb throughout, leave it for a mere 3-5 minutes and then rinse off.

Pros: Non-greasy and non-flakey, it helps restore the required moisture non-weighing the hair down, repair and strengthen damaged hair, removes knots and also prevent loss of moisture leaving your hair soft, smooth and silky.

cons: A bit pricey and can create a sticky feeling on the hands.

conclusion: Effective in performance with all the rich ingredients, it is perfect for moisture boost and to repair dry and damaged hair thereby letting you transform your hair like never before.

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