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By: Rex Inego | Mar 02, 2008 08:39 PM

Well i shop at the GAME shop in stockton,teeside and it is very well set out. Very easy to find certain game you are looking for. Lots of different games for varied consoles.There is always demos there which sometimes have decent games on. Simple to find specific game console sections, and its never cluttered or anythin like that.

Pros: There are a lot of good points about. The second hand items/games/consoles are always selling at a good price. The 4 games for 10/ã20 are always great value for money. The extra merchandise there is also very good e.g. the shaun of the dead figures are cool and other items like that are also very easy to get to. other good points are that the regularly have new and up to dates games in.

cons: There are a few a negative points about GAME though. The Nintndo DS demos are usually faulty e.g the battery is nearly always low, or someone else is always there (needs more ds demos.) or the touch screen is faulty. Another bad point is when there is a new game out shop is always full which can be very annoying and frustrating.Also they offer poor prices when you want to trade our games in.

conclusion: My verdict is that it is the best game shop that is local but it could be improved but the improvements arent that neccesary. Still a great shop and always hides a great bargain some where in stock. Aswell the staff can be very co-operative but on some occasions can be very ignorant and just plain lazy

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