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Garbo's Hair Portsmouth and Southsea

By: Rex Inego | Feb 13, 2007 04:30 PM

I saw some posters on the salon's window: Modelling for a trainee - has to be willing and adventurous and right next to another poster: creative team provides services free of charge, give a us a call for more info.
So I give them a call and I ask if it is free of charge to model for a trainee (you know like in any other salon, but I wanted to make sure)answer:two options one for free, the other if you want something specific it's 14GBP, come to the salon for more info. So I go to the salon and enquire again, is it free of charge and I wasn't told otherwise, so with all that it was pretty clear to me that it was free of charge, what do you think?

Pros: Good points? err... that's hard right now... one man has proper manners, the others not so sure about that... the trainee who cut my hair asked all the proper questions, had good manners, but seemed quite borred and willing for his work to end as he was stuggling, but it's ok because he is a trainee.

cons: Well, where to start?! I went to have my hair cut by a trainee, quite convinced after I asked several times, and the posters on the window suggest so, that I wouldn't be charged (as in any other salon as you might now). I came in with quite long hair, and said I wanted it shorter showing my specific limit. What happened is that it was so uneven that the trainee had to cut and style it more and more so in the end it was about 5cm shorter than the limit specified. But I it's ok, I forgive him, he is a trainee. After that, I am lead to the register and that's when the bad surprise comes: no goodbye from the trainee, and the girl at the register asks me for 14GBP, so puzzled, I enquire again, make it clear that I was told I wouldn't be charged, she looks to her collegues sitting behind me, of course making fun of me (how nice is that!), telling me that I was wrong with a forced smile. So, nice as I am, and not willing to make a scandal, I pay saying no problem. Result: not really happy with my short uneven hair, and on top I have to pay when I was told I would... I asked other people to check to window to see if they understood the same as me, and they all agreed with me. So I call the salon and ask when I could meet a manager. I went in the next day and ask for the manager who was a quite unpleasant man, who looked too much like a gypsy to work in a hair salon... He made me feel completely stupid (as I wasn't already feeling bad about the whole disaster), and I asked him for the terms and conditions (it says on the poster you can ask for them) but all he could show me was a dirty and wrinkled paper with the list of prices...not exactly terms and conditions, is it? He left me with another man who had proper manners and to whom I could explain in a civilized way my problem. He said they do not give refunds, but he could give me a free hair cut...not exactly what I would like after this experience... Later on I ask my friends where it states 'free of charge'on the poster, as I didn't want to attract more attention to me, feeling already quite bad, and being a rather shy person. I decided I should go back and show this to the polite man but unfortunately he was in a meeting and another man started shouting at me for no reason, since I was being nice and polite all this time. I decided to just step out, but believe me I didn't took it well to be shout at like this, and I was in shock, tears running down my eyes as I walked home. Don't get it wrong, i don't usually cry like this, but this situation was a bit too much, after all they did the mistake. Do you think it is fair at all? A manager should be able to put himself in the customers shoes, and ask himself if he would like this to happen to him... Anyone who wants to model for a trainee will say that they are doing it because they can't really afford a haircut at the moment.

conclusion: Well, what do you think? I paid, when I was told (and I asked several times for confirmation) I wouldn't have to, I had beautiful long hair and now it's short and uneven, I was made fun of, people made me feel stupid (although thy advertise themselves as willing to make us feel fabulous!), and some other person made me cry by shouting at me for no reason, although I am not that a sensitive person. I wouldn't advise this salon to anyone unless you have enough money to pay them in advance to be nice to you. GARBO= RUDE and OVERPRICED

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