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Ge AZ55H15DAD Air Conditioner

By: Andrew Wilson | Aug 13, 2011 11:07 PM

The unbearable mounting heat and excess levels of humidity in the atmosphere makes it a challenging task to meet the regular demands of works. Frequent allergies are inevitable as bacteria thrive easily in warm climate. However the interiors can be set at the required comfortable level with Ge AZ55H15DAD Air Conditioner. This smart design with cooling power of 14,700 BTU per hour offers the best in technology. Ideal for regular use it is user friendly and energy efficient too. Rated 10 EER or energy efficiency ratio this appliance requires power of 1440 / 1470 cooling watts while the cooling Ampacity is 6.7/ 7.3 and air flow rate is 350 CFM for optimum efficiency. With adjustable air outlet louvers well provided one can control the air flow rate with ease. Smart remote control is part of this versatile air conditioner for setting the levels precisely from convenient spaces. It has dehumidifier function too and the ensured rate is 4.8 pt / hr. With upfront filter that can be cleaned easily to remove the trapped dust and pollens one finds this air conditioner the best option in every aspect. Ge AZ55H15DAD Wall Mounted Air Conditioner has dimensions of (W) 42 x (D) 13.75 x (H) 16 inches and can be installed through wall or window without resulting in any space constrictions or affecting the décor of the space. This design has one year warranty too.

General Info.
Brand Ge
Model Ge AZ55H15DAD Air Conditioner
Dimension (W) 42 x (D) 13.75 x (H) 16 inches
Type of Air conditioner Window / wall mounted
Application Home / office
Cooling Capacity 14,700 BTU / hr
Power Consumption 1440 / 1470 cooling watts
Maximum dehumidification/day 4.8 pt / hr
Standard Features
Remote Control Yes
adjustable airflow Yes
Air flow rate 350 CM
Washable Pre-Filter Yes
Moisture removal Yes
Performance Rating
Energy Efficiency Rating 10




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