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Gears of War 2 (360)

By: Rex Inego | Feb 18, 2009 12:08 PM

Blood, bullets and a hell lot of action That's what the much hyped ֓Gears Of War 2 is all about. Kill or be killed for you are surrounded by mean Locust hordes sporting equally mean attitudes. Exclusively available on the Xbox 360, ԓGears Of War 2 promises you an edge-of-the-seat gaming experience. But it also has a soft side Ԗ there is a touch of romance to it. The plot involves the protagonist Marcus Fenix's co-pilot Dominic Santiago's search for his beloved, Maria. The bloodbath starts at a hospital base, as the Locust storm the makeshift building with ruthless force. And its up to you to stop them. Run, shoot, demolish walls, scale long, gloomy corridors, overturn gurneys and do all you can to combat the Locust swarm. Beware, there are stalking snipers waiting to assault you. Take them out with your grenades, and go head-on into the bloody battle.

Done with the war behind the hospital doors? Do not slacken your pace, for at the door awaits yet another war In front of you is a city blazing with blasts, helicopters abuzz overhead showering bullets. There are Locust forces in the ground too, fight them with the aide of your comrades. Epic has created a landscape so real and magnificent.

It is not just a lifeless mass of concrete jungle, but is just the opposite. It has life to it, with a dash of green and blue. There are wild car chases and you can also drive over the trees using a truck- which is pretty swell. But do not dwell on that, for you have to save the life of every human being in planet Sera.

Marcus Fenix's crusty appearance and fierce combat abilities make him a vehement killing machine, ever on a killing-spree. His burly stature is dripping with machismo and his gruff quips after he takes on a Locust can be a put-off at times. Epic has enriched this game with some interesting features. For example, you can make use of a defeated opponent as a shield, the 'horde' mode where you can team up with four of your friends and fight the bestial Locust forces.

Furthermore, "Gears of War 2" sports multi player matches, where you can group players whose fighting skills are of the same level. There is also a party system using which you can form a team with your friends and continue as a team for every match. Furthermore, "Gears of War 2" has eight multi player modes, Submission, Guardian, and new Wingman modes. There are also intensive Chainsaw duels, weapons such as the flame thrower which incinerate the Locust hordes.

For those with an appetite for extreme action, Epic knows exactly what to serve you and when. An arduous battle in the rain is one such example. "Gears of War 2" can do good, if it had a bit of all the swearing and brouhaha cut down. But then, the true-to-life graphics and the end-less bloody battles can leave you looking at the sky saying, 'Thank God, it's just a game!֔

Pros: A fine story line Interesting 'Horde' mode True-to-life graphics Lots of guns and extreme action

cons: Too much of brouhaha

conclusion: Kill or Be killed!- That's what "Gears of War 2" is all about.

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