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Next Generation Washing Machines by Electrolux

By: Amelia Janet | Sep 22, 2011 07:10 AM

Washing machines are the best friends one can always depend on to wash the innumerable loads of laundry with almost hands-free freedom. Ideal for the multitasking people, the latest washing machines ensure complete care and cleanliness while consuming minimal time, energy, water and detergent as well. One can easily afford to buy the most powerful design loaded with excellent features and pay the amount in instalments while enjoying the benefits. Electrolux washing machines is a dream come true design that offers the best user-friendly features and ensures 100% satisfaction in all aspects. They design the appliances just for the consumers and takes into consideration the demands, requirements and difficulties posed by their consumers to create a completely unique specialized product. The latest washing machine by Electrolux is designed to wash laundry weighing up to 6 kg. It is pocket-friendly and eco-friendly as this device uses minimal water and detergent. The smart multiple load programs, load sensor for almost hands-free freedom and turbo wash to rid even the toughest dirt with ease are part of it. Well thought of options like start delay to take advantage of the low energy rates, active soak to soften the adamant dirt and grime plus self diagnostics to alert the user of problems heighten the charm of the latest washing machine by Electrolux. They come in names like Libra and Fabric Glow. The top loading Libra washing machine can wash loads up to 6 kg and has specialised Ceonvenio timer as well as LED display to check the program progress and option to economise water and detergent. The powerful intelligent wash resuming feature facilitates stopping of the wash cycles when required and resume from where it was stopped. The multitasking people find it easier to manage the laundry while ensuring uncompromising performance in other fields as well. The second type – Fabric Glow washing machine is for washing larger loads. The features offered are unique and it includes rat mesh, fabric softener and bleach dispenser. Time remaining indicator too is part of it for quick analyses of the program progress. The Electrolux products are indeed the numero uno in technology!




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